This bag changes everything.

This organizational superstar takes the stress out of performing.

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Never snag your expensive performance wear on a jagged zipper ever again. These soft pulls are large, easy to find in a darkened, backstage changing area, sturdy and safe for even the most delicate stagewear.

Large, soft zipper pulls

Keep each of your performance costumes organized by "dance"! Create your own label online and print-at-home. CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR CUSTOM OH BAG LABEL

Customizable Label

20% off your entire order with code 20BAGS20. While supplies last.

For easy transportation, use the D-rings to hook to a hangar when the bag is folded in half.

Quality and thoughtful design

Accessory compartments for those easy-to-lose accessories.

Large, gusseted bottom compartment for shoes, hats and bulkier accessories. Bonus: access all accessory compartments from inside the bag or from the outside of the bag!

Six exciting colors! Perfect for dancers in multiple pieces who want to color-code their costume management. (New color RED not pictured)

Make each OH! Bag your own with a custom label. Watch this video to see how.

Accessory pockets to keep jewelry, make-up, hair pins, etc...

Durable for years and years of dependable use

Side zipper for easy access to main compartment

Check it out and see how you can create a customized label in just minutes.

20% off your entire order with code 20BAGS20. While supplies last.


Owning 7 dance studios with thousands of dancers and several hundred performing company dancers gave Paul & Tiffany the perfect environment to create and test the OH! Bag.

"We worked with dozens of dancers, instructors, dance moms, and dads to come up with the perfect bag to protect expensive, irreplaceable stagewear, and to help everyone stay organized.

Dance performances and competitions are hard. There are lots of parts to a costume. The costume, hats, gloves, props, jewelry, make-up, hairpieces, undergarments, tights, and shoes. Having everything together in one place and labeled with a picture makes life much easier for dancers and their support team."

-Paul Henderson

Designed by Paul and Tiffany Henderson

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